Venroy has raised the bar in visual merchandising.

With Flagship, Venroy has raised the bar in visual merchandising.

Reduction in time required by VM team to physically visit stores.
Reduction in time spent executing in-store VM.

Venroy has elevated their visual merchandising, blending speed with precision by using Flagship across all their stores. For Venroy, collaboration in Flagship enhances aesthetics, fosters accountability, and maintains brand consistency, from Australia's cities to the beaches of Montauk and Capri.

Conventional visual merchandising wasn’t making an impact.

Prior to integrating Flagship, Venroy's Visual Merchandising (VM) process involved frequent store visits, and the store teams communicated through basic channels like texts and emails, sharing photos for visual merchandising guidance. This traditional approach was not only time-consuming but also limited in effectiveness.

A seamless shift to Flagship.

The turning point for Venroy came with the discovery of the Flagship platform. Flagship's implementation at Venroy was remarkably smooth. The store staff adapted to the new platform with ease, quickly becoming proficient without the need for formal training. Their rapid acceptance and growing fondness for the platform were testament to its retailer-focused and user-friendly design.

“Since we started using Flagship, VM has transformed from a mere afterthought to a proactive strategy in our business. It’s been a game-changer in elevating our standards, which is crucial for enhancing our customer experience. Flagship has truly helped us raise the bar!”

- Tess Raviez, VM & Retail Operations. Venroy

Nailing VM boasts remarkable results.

The impact of Flagship on Venroy’s VM operations has been profound:

  • Efficiency Boost: The reliance on physical store visits has been more than halved, leading to a significant reduction in time and resources previously dedicated to VM.
  • Faster Completion: The time taken for store setups and updates has been reduced by 50%, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Elevated Standards: The overall standard of visual merchandising has markedly improved, raising the bar for VM expectations across the company.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Store teams now enjoy a streamlined, collaborative process in VM, allowing for quicker adjustments and a shared sense of responsibility.
  • Instant Issue Resolution: The platform facilitates immediate identification and rectification of VM-related issues, ensuring consistent quality and presentation.

A true success story in transforming VM.

The adoption of Flagship has been a game-changer for Venroy in the realm of visual merchandising. The platform has not only simplified and expedited processes but has also significantly elevated the quality of VM across the board. Venroy's experience with Flagship underscores the platform's role as a transformative tool in the retail industry, driving efficiency, collaboration, and excellence in visual merchandising.

With Flagship, Venroy has raised the bar in visual merchandising.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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